Radio Related Links


RSGB (Radio Society of Great Britain)

Ofcom (Licensing Portal)

QRZ (Callsign Lookup Service)

HamCall Worldwide (Callsign Lookup Service)

QRZCQ (Callsign Lookup Service)

eQSL (Electronic QSL Service)


What My Locator


Winlog32 (Logging Software)

Log4OM (Logging Software)


Repeater Book (Repeater listing and Apps)

Echolink (Internet Repeater Link)

IRLP (Internet Repeater Link)



Fortnightly Amateur Radio News Podcast


Hamtest (Ideal for testing yourself whilst training for Foundation, Intermediate and Full)


Just getting into amateur radio?

Hamsphere 3 (Limited Trial Period Simulated Radio Ideal for Training)


Why not have a listen on websdr radio online.

WebSDR (Online SDR receivers)


If you can not wait until you get your amateur licence but want to talk to other operators

Why not try out Hamsphere online simulated radio system

Hamsphere 3

(Please note: Limited Trial Period subscription service there after)