Elvaston Castle Radio Rally History

National Radio Rally

1970 to 2007 - 37 years of one of the UK's premier Radio Rallies

This site remains as a testament and reminder of the 'good old days' of Radio Rallies, of what they were and offered and finally of what we have sadly lost.

The Elvaston Castle Radio Rally grew over many years to become one of the UK's premier Rallies.

It was therefore with great sadness that the organisers of the Rally had to take a difficult decision to cancel the Rally in 2008.

There were a combination of reasons, including spiralling costs, reducing attendance and reducing support to organise and run the Rally.

Whilst the heart said continue, the head could not countenance the risks associated with continuing. The last thing we wanted was to see the Rally sink into little more than a 'car boot' sale. We want to remember it for what it was, what it offered and the high standards it set.

We would like to thank all that have supported us over the years, and helped to make the Elvaston Rally one of the best in the country.