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Club Program 2018


Last updated 05/02/2018

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Please note - any blue highlighted evenings are external speakers

please make every effort to attended.

They are also open evenings - all welcome

  2nd AGM    
9th Trip to Derby Radio Museum
  16th TX Factor    
  23rd Projects evening    


  2nd FJ8 evening    
  9th Committee meeting    
  16th Surplus sale    
  23rd The 'S' meter - Pete Walker    
  30th Shack Night    
  6th Projects evening    
  13th Small antenna for HF    
20th Shack night
  27th Program planning    
  4th DSP    
  11th Mills on the Air preparation    
  12/13th Heage Windmill    
  18th Committee Meeting / Shack Night    
  25th Surplus sale