CHOTA 2019

Churches and Chapels on the Air

Saturday 14th September 2019

GB0ASM is an event station held at All Saints in Mickleover that has been run and organised for many of years by Mike - G6CZD and friends as part of the CHOTA.

This is the first year that other members of NHARG have joined in to help support Mike's event.

An early start to a glorious Saturday morning to help set up the stations, Stef, Ron and Connor were met in the carpark by Richard and shortly after by Mike and Ian who appeared from the church.

Mike, Ian & Richard had already been there on the Friday evening to get an early start with taking up the feeders up the tower ready for conection on the Saturday. 

The Trio TR-9900 2m set up was located in the small annex just below the bell tower and connected to dual band collinear mounted on top of the tower giving a height of around 650 ft ASL. The Yaesu FT-450D HF setup was located in the main part of the church and connected to 20m endfeed from the top of the tower sloping downwards. Mike also set up a radio mic to broadcast the recieved audio over the main sound system within the church itself, which made it very interesting with the acoustics.

We did have an initail fault with one of the clubs feeders which had to be replaced, which Connor helped Mike to do, it was not long before the stations were up and running.

Although conditions on HF were not the best, but perseverance paid off in the end with contacts in the log.

With tea, coffee and biscuits flowing all day inbetween operating and good company it made for a very enjoyable day.



Mike - G6CZD

Ian - G7BJE

Richard - M6KQS

Ron - 2E0FBT

Connor - 2E0EIY

Stefan - M0OSL