Armed Forces Day 2018

A bright and early start as we set on our way to Ashover Rock Royal Obserer Corps, Derbyshire. We set up in a timely manner to ensure we were able to operating under the call sign GB8ROC on 40m/80m before the propigation on the bands dropped. 

Weather was gorgeous with the sun all day long, even 28°C in the shade of the tent which didn't the Yaesu FT 1900 much good with having to turn off for cool down breaks. Even with the manditory rest for the radio VHF was the best for contacts on the day given the height advantage of approximately 1000 ft A.S.L. to the antenna height perch on of the ridge we was not supprised. 

Equipment Used: Kenwood TS 480 SAT, Yaesu FT 1900, Suitcase Generator

Antennas: 80m/40m Dipole, R5 & Tri Band Collinear

Operators: Peter Walker - G6KUI, Connor Reeve - 2E0EIY, Stefan Latimer - 2E0VKM, Richard Janezko, Ron Jones - M6KQV, Derry White - 2E0RRF


Thanks to Stefan 2E0VKM, Ron M6KQV & Connor 2E0EIY for the Photographs