BiWota Awards

We feel now is the time to get the ball rolling and introduce the scheme, now we have reached the minimum of 20 registered stations and want build on this for future events. 

We have not introduced this before now due to the amount of registered stations that we feel we would need to successfully give most operators the chance to receive an award


Information on how to enter for the scheme

The award scheme is open to any amateur operator that works any of the registered stations for the period of the active event.

To qualify for either of the awards, the QSO must be made with an individual stations (does not depend on band or mode) but, there can no repeat station either from other days or other bands / modes.


These will be broken down in two awards. 

Tow Path Award

This will consist of working 5+ stations over the course of the active days.


Lock Award

 You may have risen to the next level, working 10+ stations over the course of the active days.



Please email your Name and Call sign and total of log entries with the following: - 

Station worked, Date, Time, Band & Mode.


Closing date for log entries will be 30th September of this year and in October we will be issuing out your Award in PDF format in a timely manner.


Short Wave Listeners Award

We will even look at an award incentive for SWL to be able to take part in the event.

Waves Award

To qualify for a SWL award you will need to log 10+ contacts that the registered BiWota station(s) was in QSO with, including the time, date.

When applying for this award it would be useful if you can give your receiving location so that we can pass this information back to the station(s) to allow them to have a reception report.

You log can be sent to


Many thanks for taking part and we hope to keep building on the event as time goes on.