Club DX-Peditions




Quadra Island VE/G3OCA

Callsigns of the Islands activated over the past 9 years.
1995 - GX3EEO/P  -   EU120

1996 - EJ/G3EEO/P -  EU007

1996 - EJ/G0NHR/P - EU103

1997 - 2003 We activated 27 Island groups for the Island of Scotland award in addition to. EU-008, EU-010, EU-092.

1999 - TR0A/P    AF-043

2000 - TR0A/P    AF-089

2000 - 9G5MD    AF-084

2002 - 4D0MS    OC-235

2002 - DX0L       OC-126

2002 - D2IMS     OC-090

2003 - DX0C      OC-120

Photograph shows Ken (G3OCA) & Gill (F2KWT)

Following problems with the DX-Pedition to EX and X2, the operations had to be cancelled this was due to local difficulties. 
Negotiations are underway for 2005, which hopefully will result in the activation of an Island that have never previously been operated from, in an area which should give good propagation opportunities for Europe and the US. All the operations have been based on a basic 100 watt transceiver , light weight beam antenna's, Verticals and wire antenna's. 
A policy of 100% QSL direct or via the bureau has resulted in a throughput of many thousands of QSL cards from all around the world. The operations have made many friends and happy operators throughout the world.

Ken Frankcom (G3OCA)

Below are just a few QSL cards from Islands that I've activated over the last few years.


Nunsfield House Amateur Radio Groups operators Ken Frankcom (G3OCA) Les Bagnall (G4CWD) Peter Walker (G6KUI)        

For information of future DX-Peditions that we will be going on, keep your eyes on this web page.