BiWota 2019

British Inland Waterways Special Event Station 2019

Saturday 24th August and Sunday 25th August 2019, the bank holiday weekend, Nunsfield House ARG set up an event Radio Station GB0ACM for part of the British Inland Water ways on the Air at the Moira Furnace Museum at Moira.

The location is situated in North West Leicestershire but also has a Derbyshire postcode. The furnace itself sits besides the Ashby Canal although not linked to the waterways network as of yet but the ultimate plan is to do just that.

Connor, Richard and Derry had previously loaded Stefan’s vehicle from Nunsfield House HQ and arrived at Moira at around 08.45am ready to set up. I arrived just after 9.00am along with Peter. We set to work erecting the Gazebo up and set the equipment into place at that particular time it was not long before the staff members of the furnace were able to let us have access to the top of chimney where we was able to erect the tri-band collinear and 80/40/20m trapped dipole to the furnace top by means of ratchet straps.

While Stefan, Connor, Richard and Peter were sending the feeder cables down to the Gazebo and also lowering the trapped dipole fixed with nylon rope.

Derry, Ron, Kevin and myself, were at the bottom of the furnace getting ready to position the trapped dipole into place using stakes.

As you look from the front of the furnace the trapped dipole was in an inverted V configuration with the coax feeders coming down from the top of the furnace.

Initially we had a bit of a hick up with the dipole and unable to get a suitable SWR, after several marches up to the top of furnace and replacing the feeder we were able to get on air.

The equipment used for the event TS 480 SAT & FT991 (originally intended for FT8 operation) for the HF stations and FT100D for the VHF side of things.

Over the course of the weekend basking ourselves in the sun, we did manage to work other BiWota stations, GB4FCM, GB4RSE, GB1CL, GB4CCT & last but not least GW0WPO/P.

Our furthest contact on 2m was with a station 78 miles away Mark - MW0TTK

Three of our members decided to take a cruise down the Ashby canal on the narrow boat and had a QSO with the operator on 2m.

We were also joined by Vaughn who recently sat his foundation exam and is just awaiting his call sign.

Although we didn’t work a massive amount of stations, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and look forward to next year’s event.

Operators on the event: Paul - G1SGZ, Peter - G6KUI, Richard - M0PUR, Stefan - M0OSL, Derry - 2E0RRF, Connor - 2E0EIY, Ron - 2E0FBT, Kevin - M7KSD  

Article by Paul – G1SGZ


Photographs by Kevin M7KSD & Paul G1SGZ