IMW 2018

16th June 2018

This is the first year NHARG have entered the International Museums Weekends radio amatuer event. 

We operated from Heage Windmill near the town of Belper Derbyshire. Initailly we aimed to do the two days 16 & 17th June, but due to ill health of one of operators this was brought down to the one day. 

The weather was quite poor with drizzle on and off most of the morning which hampered the setup operation and once again the frame tent gave us some difficulty in errecting (We wouldn't do so well on Krypton Factor Hi Hi). 

2m Operation seemed to be the most activity for us on this event with a few contacts on 80m/40m propigation again was not our friend.


We all look forward to operating again next year, may be from a different location and maximise awarness of other museums. 


Equipment operated over the weekend was: Yaesu FT 1900 on 2m Kenwood TS 480SAT on all other bands.

Aerials: Wire Dipole – 40m and 80m, R5 & Tri Band Co-Linear

Operators: Pete Walker – G6KUI, Richard Janezko - 2E0ZDY, Connor Reeve – M6HZH, Ron Jones - M6KQV, Mike Swanwick - G6CZD, Ken Frankcom - G3OCA, Paul Gamble – G1SGZ


  Many thanks to Paul G1SGZ for the Photographs