More than fifty years ago a Group of like-minded individuals, interested in the new science of radio communication, got together and formed the Derby Short-Wave Experimental Group. With ever increasing popularity the Group found themselves in need of new premises. Following enquiries, premises were secured in the out buildings of Nunsfield House and then later within the main house building itself.

Thus the NUNSFIELD HOUSE AMATEUR RADIO GROUP was born. For more than 40 years the Group has been a leading light in the amateur radio community around the Derby area. With more than 50 members to its credit the Group is one of the biggest and most successful in the County.   

Amateur radio is a hobby that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and abilities. At the NUNSFIELD HOUSE AMATEUR RADIO GROUP we try to cater for all interests. We also try to encourage newcomers into the hobby to take the local Foundation Licence Course. This course takes the uninitiated and teaches them about the hobby both practically and technically eventually leading them to a Foundation License.

This will, hopefully, give them an introduction to the world of Amateur Radio and encourage them to progress further into the hobby and move on to the Radio Amateurs Examination and a Full Licence. Nunsfield House Amateur Radio Group is also the local examination centre for the RSGB amateur radio examinations.

This means that candidates from around the area can sit their radio examinations in familiar surroundings at Nunsfield House.


We hold occasional open evenings during which interested members of the public can come along and see just what we get up to.(See local press for details). Each year we operate Special Event and Contest stations and members of the Group are asked to participate. This can mean anything from helping to set up a radio station on the top of a hill in Derbyshire to operating from an island in Scotland or sitting in the radio room at Nunsfield talking to the World! Some of our members have even travelled to foreign countries to operate a station from a remote island or from a Country that has no licensed amateurs of its own.The Group has licensed its own DX Cluster GB7NHR or DXNUN. This Cluster provides DX information to the local area by Packet Radio and also to amateurs around the world by Internet Telnet Link.

The Group has a VERY varied programme of events ranging from Lectures and slide shows to Practical demonstrations and Surplus Sales.  The events are not always hobby related so there is usually something for everyone.