Mills on the Air 2023

13th & 14th May 2023


Nunsfield House ARG participated in the Mills on the Air weekend which is the first outdoor event of the season for us. 

Saturday morning started out to be overcast, but we did not mind this as it was not raining. Peter (G6KUI) & Connor (2E0EIY) were the first to arrive on site, followed by Stefan (M0OSL) and Derry (2E0RRF). As we arrived Connor and Peter had already started to erect the new pop up gazebo (which had been donated by Lyndsay (M6YMB) & Stefan (M0OSL)) just to give it a run out to see how it faired up for eventing.

This is just as an addition to the clubs frame tent, which had been donated to the club by Ken (G0JKC) quite a number of years ago which has always given them members much fun and amusement trying to assemble.


All I am going to say on the matter of the frame tent is... Identify the roof section that comprises of the 9 pieces and the rest is plain sailing.

Although the pop up is a little cramped if you need two operators and 2 loggers, it is just about the right size for one station event or solo operating/logging with 2 stations.
Tables and chairs were offloaded and set up within the gazebo which Peter had kindly carried in his vehicle. There was all manner of items within Stefan's vehicle, including the frame tent just as a backup. 

It was not long before Paul (G1SGZ) arrived with some more of the gear, Mick (G8EHX) and Adrian (G1OXH) (with Emma his daughter in tow), arrived just has we were erecting the antennas. 

We finally set up the stations around 10:30am. For HF, we were using FT-991 connected to 80/40/20 trapped dipole, link to PC for FT8 operation throughout the day and FT-100D connected to Tri-band collinear. It was not long before we had a cuppa in our hands, kindly made by Peter.

2m operators for the Saturday started with Connor, followed by Paul and Mick. Who. between them managed the most contacts on 2m for the Saturday. 
HF was operated by Derry, Connor, Stefan throughout the day also, mainly FT8 contacts, but it was nice to break Derry into HF operating on this occasion.

Part way through the day the sun had come out and we had visitors from Ken (G0JKC) and his good lady Sue. Who it was nice to see and have also have a natter. 
Athough we think he really only came over to make sure that we had erected the frame tent correctly Hi Hi.

Sunday morning the weather was glorious from the outset and although we had a little lack of volunteers due to them having other commitments on the day, we still had enough to continue the both stations.

Lyndsay (M6YMB) ventured out with us but she had a little boy in tow. "Gunnar" cross Labrador / Patterdale terrier had his very first all day radio outing and being a youngster and new to the whole surroundings it left her having to focus on this little boy. He was a good lad to be fair and seemed to really take a shine to Peter (G6KUI).

Over the 2 days the team managed 170 contacts in the log comprising of 28 voice contacts and 142 FT8 digi mode over 20m / 40m and 2m.

We would like to thank the team at Heage Windmill once again for the hospitallity and allowing us to operate once again from the stunning location.

Some very important news about Heage Windmill

Our historic mill is in trouble.  Recent inspection reports have identified wet rot in key structural timbers known as sheers – see diagram below. They run through the cap of the mill and cannot be replaced in situ.

The sheers, marked by a blue arrow in this diagram, run from the front to the back of the cap.


These huge pieces of timber each some 8 metres long and 300 mm square, and which support all the main mechanisms of the windmill, were NOT replaced in the restoration completed in 2002.  Replacement involves removing the sails, fantail and cap – complex specialist work. The estimated cost is well in excess of £150, 000.

Temporary repairs mean that the windmill can operate safely continuing to mill flour for sale and welcome visitors for tours and other events.

Heage Windmill Society is working closely with Historic England and have agreed that the Grade 2* listed building will be placed on their Heritage At Risk Register (HAR).

The Society will use its available funds to cover some of the costs whilst further grants and funding will be sought to continue with the repairs. As the windmill is not directly funded, public support and donations are important. Should you wish to make a donation you can do so by clicking on the link below.

(Please Gift Aid if eligible)

Or please check out on for other ways to support our mill.

Thank you once again for reading the newsflash.