Nunsfield House Amateur Radio Group operated from Sawley Marina in Nottinghamshire the WX was over cast to start with following slight drizzle. We had a successful day on 80/40/20m bands using FT8 digi mode but not so well on SSB analogue voice.
2m band was a little more active than last years event.

The weather forecast for the Sunday was pretty poor so the decision was made to cancel the Sundays activity and the forcast was correct with rain from about 9:30am through until 6pm. Although with the weather being poor it allowed us to to do some well earned maintenance in the shack.

Equipment for this years event. 

Kenwood TS-480SAT 100w with 80/40 wire Dipole
Yaesu FT100D for 2m running 25w with Tri band Collinear
Yaesu FT991 15w on R5 vertical antenna for FT8

Reg Moore - G1IWT
Stefan Latimer - 2E0VKM
Connor Reeve - 2E0EIY
Richard Janezko - 2E0ZDY
Ron Jones - M6KQV

Many thanks to all the stations that called in and worked us on the Saturday and very special thanks to Sawley Marina for their hospitality and allowing us to operate once again from this location.