Over the past few years Nunsfield House ARG have been more active with many event stations ranging from Mills on the Air, International Museums Weekends, Armed Forces Day, British Inland Waterways on the Air, Railways on the Air & of course Jamboree on the air, with various scout groups.  

Unfortunatley with the cancellation of many special event stations early part of 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the relaxation by Ofcom to relax certain aspects of the application process for a NoV. 

Stefan M0OSL & Adrian M0OJR have decided to apply for NoV's for the following call signs GB9SH & GB9KS to support our NHS and key workers whilst promoting that we should "Stay Home" and "Keep safe". 

These call signs will be in use over the month of May 2020 to keep our event stations activity (although from home) going for the club whilst the lockdown continues.

The activity is not planned as such and will be on an ad-hoc basis across the bands HF (SSB & FT-8), 2m (SSB, FM, FT-8) & 70cm. 

We hope to have many contacts whilst keeping safe, locked up and playing radio and more to the point we hope all of you and your families keep safe also. 

Listen out for us and give us a call back, we look forward to getting you in the log.


Once we have completed the month we will post more information about our activities and eQSL cards that we have received.  


73 from us both Stefan de M0OSL (GB9SH) & Adrian de M0OJR (GB9KS)


Logs and Cards in.....

A fun time had by both, working majority of stations on FT8 across the HF bands, occasional net operations using the calls on 2m and 70cm during the month.

We ahve uploaded all the cards we have recieved so far via the system and the log files of our activity. 




Many thanks again to all the stations that worked us over the 28 day activity.