Exam Extra

Martyns Story.

It all started when my dad applied to get his G8 licence reinstated last autumn after several years of non operating.
After getting his licence reinstated, he started to look around at clubs. On the Nunsfield site he saw a name and face which he thought he recognised. After enquiring he found that the person was in fact his old school friend Adrian Lawrence. After making contact he found that Adrian organised the training courses at Nunsfield and ran the Foundation course.
I applied for a place on the next course, (the weekend of the 26/27th of Jan 2019). During January I read through the Foundation Manual, and Adrian assessed the practical aspects of the course that are required, but not the Morse appreciation.
I attended the training course, completed the morse appreciation with Ken Frankcom, and passed the exam, along with everyone else. I was now an M7.
Fast forward 3 months and I started to think about doing the next Intermediate Course. Enquiring about the course, Adrian informed me that the next one would be in October. However on the 1st of September the new syllabus would come into effect, and I had been looking at the old syllabus manual!!.
All was not lost though, as apparently several enquiries had been made regarding an exam with the existing syllabus.
Adrian arranged with Ken Frankcom the exam secretary for an exam to be conducted on the 20th of July, all candidates had agreed to this, and to self study with help and advice from Adrian.
Whilst studying, I did think it might also be a good idea to study the Full Licence Manual too, as I was bitten by the amateur radio bug.
The practical for the Intermediate Licence was split into two sessions with two candidates, and was conducted by Adrian at a leisurely pace on a Saturday.
After passing the practical, the exam date arrived and everyone passed. I was now a 2E0 and very happy. However I was thinking, if I studied hard I could sit the exam for the Full Licence using the old syllabus. But I would need to sit the exam before the end of August.
Speaking to Adrian, he informed me that there were three others wanting to take the Full exam before then, also that if I wanted to, I could sit the exam online, as Nunsfield had recently successfully trialed this.
I agreed to some potential dates for the exam, and the 31st of August was agreed upon. I then studied hard in the limited amount of time I had.
The online exam was good, and in my opinion better than sitting a paper exam.
Even better was the fact that at the end of the exam, my submitted answers had an instant response regarding pass or fail. The good news is that I passed.
Thanks to all at Nunsfield for their help, Tony Hueck and Ken Clarke for their time carrying out exam invigilating, Adrian for organising the course, carrying out the practical assessments, arranging exams and for his help and encouragement, and to Ken Frankcom for booking the exams.
I hope to meet some of you on air, 73 Martyn Vickers M0WQD.